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Simultaneous Translation at MIPIM: The Biggest International Event of the Year in Cannes

Every year, the MIPIM (International Market of Real Estate Professionals) brings together thousands of real estate professionals in Cannes, France. This international event is one of the most important of the year for the real estate industry. These participants need to communicate effectively, regardless of their native language. This is where simultaneous translation at MIPIM comes in.

MIPIM is a multilingual event, with participants coming from all corners of the world. The event organizers know that communication is key to have a succesful event. That is why they need simultaneous translation services to help participants understand presentations, conferences, and discussions.

Simultaneous Translation: Definition and Needs

A useful reminder: simultaneous translation allows a presentation, conference, or discussion to be translated in real-time. Simultaneous interpretation is valuable at multilingual events such as MIPIM or MAPIC. Professional attendees need to understand what is being said in a language that is not their own.

In order to meet the needs of simultaneous translation at MIPIM, real estate developers, architecture or urban planners hire seasoned interpreters. The latter listen to the speech in one language and translate it in real-time into another language. Then the message is broadcast to participants through their headsets.

Simultaneous Translation at MIPIM: how to efficiently communicate in different languages at the trade show?

Simultaneous Translation at MIPIM: Objectives

Simultaneous translation is key at MIPIM as it facilitates exchanges between real estate professionals from different countries and cultures. It also allows for ambitious contracts to be signed.

In conclusion, simultaneous translation is a crucial need for MIPIM

This international event brings together real estate professionals, and simultaneous translation is essential to facilitate exchanges between them. The event organizers know they need to offer simultaneous translation services to enable all participants to communicate easily.

Consequently, you understand the need to plan ahead. Pease send any inquiry at if you happen to participate to MIPIM this year and need multilingual assistance

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